How it works

As easy as taking a photo

Create a moment or event in seconds within your Momenta app
Share the QR or link to your friends to join you to take photos together!
The next day everyone is notified with the revealed photos of each camera
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For special moments

It’s perfect for weddings

Give your wedding a touch of creativity and let your guests be the photographers. Working in the wedding industry? Let’s talk

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For small events

It’s perfect for parties

Spice up the party and collect memorable photos so your friends never forget what happened!

For trips with friends

It’s perfect for travelling

Get to know the perspective of each of your friends in your trip together.



Momenta is a mobile app that allows users to create events or special moments in seconds. They can then share a QR code or link with friends and guests to join and take photos together during the event. At the end of the event, all the photos are grouped into a shared album, creating a complete visual narrative of the experience.

Momenta focuses on capturing authentic moments during special events. Unlike other photography apps, Momenta is specifically designed for events and allows multiple people to contribute photos in real-time. This provides a comprehensive and authentic perspective of the event from different angles.

No, Momenta utilizes Apple's "Clip App" technology, which means guests do not need to download the full app. They simply scan the provided QR code, and Momenta opens as a mini-app directly on their iOS devices. This makes it easy for all guests to participate without the need for a full download.

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